Ultraviolet Germicidal Light Cleaning in Birmingham, AL

Sunlight has long been known as a powerful disinfectant capable of killing bacteria and odors. The effective ingredient in sunlight that disinfects and cleans is ultraviolet light. Categorized based on its wavelength (A, B, C and V, among others), ultraviolet light kills bacteria and other microorganisms by interrupting their DNA, either through destroying their cells or making reproduction impossible.

Killing microbial growth found in your HVAC equipment and air ducts improves the air quality in your home and eliminates potential sources that aggravate allergies, asthma and other respiratory ailments. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, we harness the disinfecting qualities of ultraviolet light by using OxyQuantum UV lights to help control odors and germs that might be lurking in Birmingham homes.

Is Ultraviolet Cleaning Effective?

A study conducted by Duke Health between 2012 and 2014 showed that ultraviolet cleaning in patient rooms using a UVC machine cut the transmission rate of four superbugs by 30 percent. The trial involved more than 21,000 patients in nine hospitals. Other studies have also shown that UV cleaning is an effective way to eliminate microorganisms.

Artificially created in the 1880s, UVC light has been used in commercial water, air, medical and food applications since the 1930s. First used in the HVAC industry on evaporator coils, UV light has found a practical use in air ducts since the early 1990s.

How Does AC Ultraviolet Cleaning Improve Your Indoor Air?

Air ducts can be a potential breeding ground for spores and other microbial growth. Dirty, wet condensate drains and AC coils are other possible breeding grounds for bacteria. If spores are present in your ductwork or on HVAC components, they can be picked up and distributed throughout your home each time your AC or heating unit operates. AC cleaning using ultraviolet lights can prevent the growth and spread of microscopic organisms and flu viruses that can increase the health risks to those who suffer from allergies or chronic lung conditions.

The UVC and UVV components of OxyQuantum reduce and control infectious agents, airborne contaminants and odors. Silent during operation and certified by the International Indoor Air Quality Association as being beneficial and safe for residential use, the OxyQuantum UV lights are easy to adjust for the most effective output.

Does AC Ultraviolet Cleaning Help Your HVAC Equipment?

AC cleaning that includes ultraviolet lights helps maintain the efficiency of your heating and cooling system and prolongs the life of your equipment. That’s an important consideration, since HVAC systems are a significant investment for homeowners. Research also shows that even a very thin buildup of dirt on an evaporator coil increases energy use by 21 percent.

The OxyQuantum UV light system that we use at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating can play an essential role in your whole-house air purification strategy. Take the first step in neutralizing harmful pathogens in your Birmingham, Pelham, Hoover, Vestavia Hills, AL or surrounding area home by calling today and talking with one of our Indoor Air Quality specialists.

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