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Ninety percent of U.S. homes have microscopic particles such as dust and pollen adrift in their indoor air. Frequently, the only time you see these unhealthy toxins is when a ray of sunshine illuminates them. These pollutants can create havoc with your HVAC equipment and your family’s health. Here are a few ways that the quality air filters we offer at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating help you maintain comfort, reduce expenses and ensure your family is breathing healthy air.

High-quality HVAC Filters Protect Your Equipment

The primary purpose of HVAC filters is to protect your equipment. If your air conditioner filters get clogged, your AC unit loses its efficiency and the blower consumes more energy because it has to work harder to push around the conditioned air. Ultimately, clogged HVAC filters can lead to parts seizing up and extensive damage to your system.

Similarly, dirty furnace filters increase the danger of airflow blockage and the chance of your furnace or heat pump overheating. In the best-case scenario, dirty filters result in unexpected repair costs; in the worst-case scenario, you’ll find yourself replacing your furnace or air conditioner much earlier than you planned.

Quality Air Filters Lower Utility Bills

When your furnace or air conditioner filters get choked with dirt, your equipment has to work harder to overcome the blockage. It’s no secret that the harder something has to work, the more energy it consumes. The more energy your HVAC system uses, the higher your utility bills will skyrocket. Clean air filters can save you up to 15 percent on utility costs and take only a few minutes to replace.

High-efficiency Filters Help Maintain Healthy Air

Pet dander, spores and dust are some of the particulates that might be floating around your Birmingham home. Furnace and AC filters reduce the number of contaminated particles that you inhale by trapping the particles before they get picked up by your HVAC system and recirculated throughout your home. Controlling these particulates is especially important if a family member suffers from allergies, respiratory infections or a chronic lung condition.

Get Increased Protection with MicroPower Guard HVAC Filters

The MicroPower Guard air cleaner that we offer at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating is more than just a passive filter. It combines two principles: filtration and electrostatic attraction. Both the airborne contaminants and the filter are charged, which means the particles stick to each other and the carbon filter. This dual charge means the filter collects 97 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns. The activated carbon also absorbs gases and odors, giving your family double protection. The MicroPower Guard filter fits easily into your furnace filter slot, and replacement filters are readily available.

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, we care about the well-being of you and your family. Installing, cleaning and replacing air filters is a critical element in maintaining a healthy home and HVAC system. Call us today to learn more about the high-efficiency air filters we offer or to schedule a checkup of your Birmingham, Pelham, Hoover, Vestavia Hills, AL or surrounding area HVAC system.

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