Ductless systems offer a high-efficiency heating and cooling alternative for Hoover, AL homeowners. Ductless AC has other advantages as well. Because these systems don’t require ductwork, they can provide a comfortable indoor environment in almost any situation.

Save Energy and Money

Cooling a whole house when you only need AC in one room is a waste of energy. Ductless systems feature multiple indoor units powered by a single outdoor unit. Each indoor unit has its own remote thermostat, so the room or zone it controls can be maintained at any temperature.

Your installation technician will make three small openings in the wall through which to thread the tubing that supplies the indoor unit with heated or cooled air from the outdoor unit. Indoor air handlers are then mounted high on the wall where they’re not noticeable.

No Wasted Energy Due to Leaky Ductwork

Heated and cooled air that’s lost through leaky ducts can be as high as 30 percent. With ductless HVAC, those losses are eliminated. That saves considerably on utility bills and keeps your equipment from overworking to make up for lost air.

Have Cleaner Air in Your Home

Conditioned air passing through ductwork can absorb pollution and circulate it throughout your home. With advanced, multi-stage filtration technology, ductless units clean the air before it enters your home. Because conditioned air is delivered exclusively to one room, there’s no cross-contamination with the air in other rooms.

Ductless Units are Supremely Quiet

Because you can maintain temperatures in different rooms to exactly suit your preferences, everyone in the family can feel comfortable without affecting anyone else. Ductless heat pumps operate at low velocity, so they are virtually noise-free.

The experienced technicians at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, are fully qualified to install, repair, and service ductless heating and cooling systems. Visit us online or call us at (205) 267-3704 for more information.

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